WTB: Dreamcast pad, or PSX converter, OR green goblin, OR DC MAS

Just FYI the trigger buttons on stock DC pcbs have a few frames of lag.

well that sucks

(also on the agetec stick, or just on the pad)

just the pad The agetc is XYZ and ABC, rather than the pad, which has the analog R and L triggers

I have an account there but I dont really post often.:wgrin:

By the way, do you want the stick still? I am planning on listing a bunch of items tonight.


so what’s the status mang?

list away dude…

i was looking at goldn’s stick now, but he hasn’t been answering… no clue?

i’d get your stick, but i don’t want the DC pad PCB.

I’ll take the Agetec PCB


Also possibly looking for a working DC MAS… Will pay around $85 for it. I DONT WANT A P360, so don’t even offer that. thanks.

snapps G! what a weekend :bgrin:

I got your stick ready togo, pm me your shipping addy and you got my paypal addy, let me know if you still want it, can prolly send it out tomorrow

I’m buying GOLDN-NZ’s stick, so that’s that :slight_smile:


GOLDN… you get payment yet?