WTB: Dreamcast Power Cable

I fried mine… Anyone got a spare or one off a Dreamcast that they no longer use?

DCs use a very generic power cable. You can probably go to a Best Buy/Circuit City/Radioshack and find one there. My charging stand for my camera, PS2, laptop, and dvd player use the same type of cable.

PS2 power cord works for it as well.

Thanks for the tip. I think I actually know that, but I am thinking maybe someone will sell a used one for cheap

ebay dawg, they bee like 1.99

More like 4 shipped

this is a standard cable you can find at radio shack. Nothing special about it.

You’re expecting less than $4 for a shipped cable from someone here? Hit up Wal-Mart or a dollar store.

they are $1.99 at radioshack… the gas from the drive there costs more than the cable :rofl: