WTB: Dreamcast power plug and AV plugs

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for the power cord, and AV cord that plugs form the DC to the Television (white, red, yellow). I have no clue as to where I placed mine, so i am hoping someone here on SRK has an extra set lying around and is willing to let them go Cheap.

I can send MO if the price is right, perhaps even paypal.

PM’s are suggested, feel free to post up in here though.

Thanks in advance,


PM’ed you.

Replied :slight_smile:

I would definately recommend getting a VGA box over the standard composite cables for the DC (If you have a TV that supports it). I’m not sure how much money you are looking to spend, I think I picked one up for like $15 and it was worth every penny.

I am not in the loop with the VGA box, could you elaborate what my benefits would be?

Sure, you can get a VGA Box that has S-Video and VGA on the adapter. You will get much better video quality using your Dreamcast with those connections as opposed to the Standard Composite. I use my DC hooked up to an old CRT Monitor I had laying around and it’s awesome.

The VGA boxes also have a port for headphones or speakers so if you are using them with a monitor you can still have audio. They definately increase the visuals of the DC drastically in my opinion.

You can find them on eBay for around $15 or so usually.

Hmmm, something I may consider in the near future. Thanks!

Also, I am pending a transaction right now, If all goes well, I’ll have the parts I am looking for. I will update this thread just in case I still may need the parts if the sale doesn’t go through.

I have a Dreamcast VGA Box I am willing to part with if you’re interested.

I’ll keep that in mind, thanks very much. Funds are running a little short right now, I am getting married in little over a month :slight_smile:

Also, I have reieved the cords I was looking for, thanks to everyone that sent PM’s to me.