WTB: Dreamcast to PC Converter

Just want a working converter to convert my DC stick to PC. As long as there is minimal lag on the converter.

Willing to spend $10 but negotiable.

Magnetro stole mine.

I was able to steal Magnetro’s avatar, but I felt bad so I changed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a trio-linker plus for sale, which does DC, PS2, and NGC lag-free. You’re not going to find one for $10 but give me a good offer and I’ll think about it. I can also trade for something I could easily move on ebay.



Um, I’ll probably be going to FFA soon, I’ll PM you or something when i will. i’ll bring the adapter with me. …

Bring ten bucks

…or else

Since that thing has a USB output, any chance it would let you use a DC stick on a PS3?

its mine, not his. it probably would.

bring it to FFA, you better have it in good working condition. do you have both of mine or just one?

Sudtrooper: $15 shipped?

Eh, no. Thanks for the offer though.

15 sounds good

and im not denying it isn’t yours. besides, remember you marked it? if by working condition you mean it’s working for SOMETHING then yes. and i only have one.[URL=“http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a154/magnetro/adapter.jpg”]

you wrote on my converter!? you better wash that off before i make you eat more hot sauce

No i didnt. It was like that when I got it from your house. remember, its your adapter

what is this AIM chat?

gtfo out my thread faggots.

bump once

nvm, got it for $15 from ebay