WTB: Dreamcast to PS2 converter (and more?)

Rather than trying to figure out which custom parts I should use, I think for starting out it would be easier to buy a premade cheapish stick and then go from there. I really like the Dreamcast pad with green buttons, so I’d like to get converters from Dreamcast to “X.” For sure at a minimum I’d like to buy Dreamcast to PS2, but are there any other converters I would need? Is there any lag chaining a PS2 converter to the PS3?

Anyway, please offer a price and shipping costs for a Dreamcast to PS2 converter.

dc to ps2 convertor does not exist.

Well, don’t I feel ridiculous now. So does it make the most sense to just use a PS2 stick and then convert it to Dreamcast? I actually don’t own a PS2, just a PS3, and I’m worried about lag on the cord that lets you use PS2 stuff on the PS3.

There are some gorgeous PS3 sticks that use USB, are there such things as USB to PS2 and USB to DC converters? That would be ideal, as then I could play on my own PS3, my own PC, and be able to convert to Dreamcasts and PS2s at competitions.

There is no such thing as USB to any console. There are on the otherhand perfect PS to DC (Total Control) and PS to PS3 (Pelican) adapters out there. So get a good PS/PS2 stick, then get 2 adapters and you are set.

its always best to put a psx/ps2 pad inside since ps2 has the most nativeconsole->otherconsole converters
so yea follow tl613’s advice and throw a psx controller inside the agetec