WTB: Dreamcast with MvC2 and accessories

i’m looking to buy:

  • a dreamcast in good, working order.
  • mvc2 for dreamcast
  • dreamcast controller with a vmu and with the vmu info for mvc2 for all unlocked colors and chars.

can anyone help me out? thanks guys :slight_smile:

Have. except for the an actual legit copy of marvel 2. Pm’d.

Need a spare. Anybody lookin to sell?

Spare DC? I may be able to help-- I’ve got a few parts DCs and may be able to frankenstein a working unit out of them.


The GD drives I have left are all bad, sorry. Good luck, things are dropping like flies, I’m down to my last 2 out of a fleet of like 4 or 5 haha.

I think I have what you need, Black Dreamcast with black controller, and I also have a loose copy of the game, (no case,instruction manual) plus some other loose games, I’ll check my closet and see what I can find

Ive got a spare DC with 4 controllers(one is see-through green), 2 vmu’s (one im almost positive has mvc2 data on it), MVC 1+2(discs only). Only problem is, I am missing the av cable(has power cable) so I cannot check to see if the vmus definitely have the mvc2 data on them. I dont see any reason why it wouldn’t but I havent played it in forever. PM me if you are interested.

edit: also have crazy taxi and a rumble pack

thanks for the offer eczangief. at least you got 2 left hahaha.

magocyber and odb have been pmed :slight_smile:

PM answered