WTB Dreamcast

I have never owned a Dreamcast and I’m tired of not having one. I’m looking to buy a Dreamcast with all the cables, 2 regular controllers, VMU’s, and a PSX->DC converter. I am also in the market for some games, any SF and MvC2 are my tops in what I’m looking for though my wife will also be playing a bunch and she likes games like Cazy Taxi and platformers.

I don’t have a set price in what I’ll pay, I’m all about working with someone to make sure that everybody leaves the deal happy. I’ll start at $40-45 for the system and then go up in what I’m willing to pay according to what anyone is willing to offer me.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out.

I have a DC, VMU, DC Pad, DC Retail Joystick, and a DC Custom Joystick [dreadedfist] (needs very minor repair and I can probably fix it before sending it if you want it), I also have a PS to DC converter.

PM me if you’re interested with an offer and any questions.

PM sent, hope it looks good to you.

hey, i got a working dreamcast, regular controller, vmu, all working cables, and Marvel Vs Capcom 2, i’ll sell it to you for 103 (3 for paypal fee) shipped…let me know what you think…