WTB: Dreamcast

I need a DC, but no1 has any, and all game stores are discontinuing them, and won’t even take em for trade-ins.

I’m looking for a DC, working fine, US version, cables or rfu, power cord, 1 controller, 1 VMU

I wouldn’t like to spend over $50

I do not have a paypal account, so payment would have to be done via money order.

Unless you are restricted from having a PayPal account for some reason I would definitely suggest getting one. Still, how much are you offering, I have a dreamcast with power cord and av-cables or a RFU adapter. I also have multiple vmus and controllers. Please PM me if you are interested.

really though, get paypal

oh sorry about that

I might start workin on 1 as soon as we’re finished moving. Which should be by the end of the week.
I hear it makes everything so much easier.

Quick question: how much do PS2->DC converters cost?

25$ each shipped from play asia

Hey, it’s alright. Yeah though, paypal accounts really do make everything a whole lot easier, once they are set up.

PM me so we can go over details, the price you mentioned is doable.