WTB: Dreamcast


As the title says I would like to buy a dreamcast that works.

I’m willing to pay $35 American Dollars for the system including the power and video hookups (and maybe a controller).

I’ll pay the shipping too, of course.



check your local craigslist


there are none that’s why i came here.


gonna be hard to find one here espicially with all the mvc2 players here …try ebay, thats where i got mine


Sellers here sell them once in a blue moon, but they do go quickly. Most are usually selling them in bundles nowadays.


on this site, they average 50, fyi


I could be convinced to trade mine. Give me a list of games that you are offering.


lol I have one that does not read disc
But seriously eBay may be a better place for this


i only own tiger woods, mvc2, and cvs2



MvC2 and CvS2 and you have a deal. I’ll even throw in all of my DC games.