WTB DS Lite or DSi XL

As the title says, I’m looking for a DS for my girlfriend so she can play Pokemon with me. Must come complete with stylus and charger. Screen must be in decent condition (mine looks like shit personally but it just needs to be cleaned)
I don’t need the inserts or box. Don’t care about those.

As for colors. On the DS Lite, anything but Pink basically. For the DSi XL it doesn’t matter what color, preferably Burgundy or Blue but it doesn’t matter.

Looking to pay 60-70 shipped for the lite and 100-120 for the XL.

Payment will be through paypal.
Would like it to be sent priority with a tracking number so I can have it sooner than later so my girlfriend can play Pokemon White.

PM me or post, thanks.

Here is one for sale from hakdizzle:

Thanks for the link but mainly looking for a US version since the GB/GBA DS Shop is coming out soon.

I have a mint ds lite, I used it for a couple weeks, not even 20 hours on it, its the dark blue top and all black when opened, I have the box and stuff to

I got an offer for a ds lite. Would rather have a DSi XL so I am still taking offers.
If no offers come up I’ll take the DS lite offer.


I don think the DSI works with gb/gba games so you arent losing anything with jap vesion. I may be wrong though. Thanks for looking!

That’s not what I meant. When the 3DS comes out they are opening a GB/GBA virtua console for the DSi and 3DS and I’d like access to the USA store instead of the japanese one.

Sorry to bump, but I was wondering if I could get a link to the statement there would be a GBA virtual console.

Last I heard, Iwata specifically stated GBA would not be part of the virtual console.

Oh, then it’s probably not. I don’t know. :lol:
I just know I want access to the store.


I am trying to trade for one. I have a DSi and looking for a trade for a arcade stick.

I saw that but I’m mainly wanting a lite or an xl. Thanks though.

I have a DS lite as well but looking for a trade. I can take a picture of the DS lite if your interested, I am justing looking for an arcade stick for the 360.

I don’t have a 360 arcade stick.

my offer is still there