WTB: Dual Mod my MvC2 TE stick


I’m looking for someone to mod my MvC2 TE stick for ps3 so it will also work on my xbox 360. I would prefer someone who lives in the Dallas, TX area to avoid shipping costs. Thanks in advance.


I’m looking for someone in the Dallas area to Chimp my 360 R2 TE stick as well. I can solder but I’m not confident in doing this myself mainly because it’s a pretty expensive piece of equipment and I don’t want to mess it up.




I can dual mod it for you. PM me and I’ll give you more details. I live in Grand Prairie btw.


Pm nmbr1krsh he is in Richardson and is in the southwest dtx regional thread.


Nmbr1krush for all your Dallas dual mods…


Alright DaBeast, since you are the first to respond I have sent you a PM.