WTB: dual mod service in Socal (High desert/IE area if possible)

I have a ps3 TE (round 1) and i was wondering if there’s anyone near me (i live in victorville) who can dual mod it for me.

*mods i know there’s a "if you’re looking to buy a custom stick, post in their thread) rule sticky…but i figured i’m not going for a custom stick per se. if this is breaking the rules please inform me and i’ll fix it.

Buying stuff if fine. You can send money to somebody here no problem. But to sell or trade items there is a 6 month 50 post rule.

edit: lol nevermind. i thought you were saying i haven’t been on here long enough

my bad

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I might be able to help ya with that… PM’d ya

PM TingBoy, hes really good at modding. he modded 2 of my sticks and i have no complaints

Did you have any luck? I am tryin to get my stick dual modded in SoCal as well.

I’m SoCal.
What do you need?

toshinu does good work. and he is not that far from you. if he cant may i suggest LockOn he also does great work and is closer to your area