WTB Dual-Mod stick


Looking for a dual-modded stick preferably PS3/360 at least. 6 button or 8 button layout is cool. Would like 6 button, but 8 is cool. Sanwa/Seimitsu preferred, but open to offers. Please list if buttons can be changed easily if not Sanwa/Seimitsu. Not looking for anything too fancy. Post or PM me if you have any for sale.

Max amount I’m willing to spend is $170 right now. Willing to take offers with sticks without buttons/joystick as long as 30mm and Sanwa JLF fits.

GC/PS2/DC support is a plus.

My friend will Paypal it.


I am going to have a bunch available in my sale thread as soon as this weekend, so stay tuned :V


pm’d u


For the sake of the OP, I’ll post what I replied to you with as to what I will have available soon:


Price of the 360/PS3 ones?




Nothing is finalized yet, but I’m thinking that both the HRAP3 and the SE with Sanwa parts will both run $120 plus shipping each.



Keep the offers coming tho.


I have a dual mod for 160 plus shipping.


It’s the wooden box with the led’s.


PM’d Lefty and updated my price range.