WTB Dual mod/Triple mod service

I’m lookin for:

  • 2 wired MC Cthulhu’s with a hacked xbox 360 and ps2 pcb attached to each mc cthulu and is ready to go to play!

I’m making an HD head to head cabinet, so i’m lookin to play the xbox360, ps3, and ps2/wii converter on it. Having longer cords would be alot easier too, to reach to the bottom of the cab where the systems will be.

If ANYONE can get this done, let me know asap, i shall award thee for your time. :china:


I dont offer services but I have a suggestion.

You just want a PS2/Xbox360 dual modded together right? Then in that case, you would only need one MC Cthulhu & a 360 pad.

If you’re planning on also adding another system, instead of using 2 MC Cthulhu’s, you can just use one and then split the wires to the appropriate connections. A much more cleaner way would be to use the RJ-45 method found here:


Even if you are only doing a MC/360, using this method would save yourself the trouble of having 2 cables coming out.

i would need a cord for each system from each side of the cab, so total would be 4 cords correct? (2 usb’s [ps3+360] and 2 ps2)

You could try hitting up Truckasaurus. He just finished a dual-mod stick for me and I know he sells assembled cthulhu boards and some other stuff. Try this link.


thank you! :china: