WTB Dual Modded Fight Stick (or just Xbox 360 stick)


I’m new here. I’m looking to buy a dual modded fight stick that isn’t too expensive.

Also looking for xbox 360 stick. Again, not too expensive.

I guess I forgot to put how much I’m looking to spend.

Around $120 for a dual-mod and $65 for a 360 stick.




PM replied


I’ve been getting offers far out of my price range so I thought I would add my price range.


I got one for $170+ shipping. little extra, but worth the money since its already heavily discounted. let me know if you interested.


Thanks for the offer, but I can’t afford that.


$65 for a 360 stick? I’m guessing you don’t want a TE then…


i saw a round 2 te for 90 on ebay.


Your best bet is to find a cheap qanba for dual mod


To be honest, I don’t really know how much sticks are. Haha. I have the injustice stick and I just wanted something better.

Thanks for the tips guys.