Wtb dual modded fightstick

Title says it all. I am looking for a dual modded Fightstick. I really want a Qanba Q4 but anything will do.

Price range?

I have an empty tekken 6 wireless stick already pre drilled to be wired… Case painted purple, violet & green sanwas, and a seimitsu green bubble top, I can throw in a ps360 and put whatever art u want on it for $100

Not sure, I am open to offers.

I had the tekken 6 one. I didn’t like it. It seems fragile, but then again yours come with sanwa. Can u send me some pictures?

Only pic I have right now… The joystick is stock though I never had issues with it, its just to put in a sanwa the case has to get modified

okay cool, Ill wait for a few responses before I decide.

Ok, just let me know.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

PM sent

See mine here: ON FEEBAY: MVC3 PS3 TE, PS3 SLIM w/2 controllers and SFXT!

Brand new Qanba q4 3in1 and a used one

180$ for new one and 130 for used one ! or will trade for motorola xoom or samsung galaxy

U cant sell on the forums yet… They shut ur thread down

check out my forum: Whaaat! Custom fight sticks $200 and up, made for you, plastic cases and wood, all originals

i still have that ice red one i showed you, i would like 170 shipped to your door. but maybe we could negotiate

I got what I need! thanks! mod can close this thread now and Mikey I text you a few times but you didn’t respond. I ended up buying a Qanba of Bad Boy Brazil for $175.

i never got them :frowning:
no worries, Bad Boy Brazil is good people, he’s bought a few sticks off me
glad u got what u were looking for :slight_smile: