WTB: Dual Modded Stick


Just got a 360 in addition to my PS3 and am currently looking for a dual modded stick.

I prefer sanwa buttons/JLF. 8 buttons.

Please have pics ready.
Looking to spend around $200, give or take.
Paypal ready, PM me!


would you want a brand new dual modded rd 2 or rd 1 te stick. I also got a custom HRap if you like for 170 shipped


I have a modded TE Stick if you’re interested. Here’s a pic…

It’s a MC Cthulhu in the stick. So it’s not just for the PS3 and 360. :]


^Pm’d, as well as the others


I have a dual modded MvC2 TE for $150 and a 360 R2 TE that I MC/RJ45 modded with usb,ps2,gc,dc cables for $200.