WTB Dual modded stick

Been trying to buy a dual mod for a few weeks now, but every seller has flaked on me when I told them I was interested in pics/price, very strange =/

Anyways, preferably should have all 8 buttons (Not just six), don’t care if it’s custom or Qanba/Eight Arc. Should be in really good physical condition. Etc etc, just leave me pics and prices please! =] I’m in the 92804 area, and willing to negotiate price thanks!

UPDATE: I got a lot of great offers and I appreciate them all so far!! Just a heads up though—I woke up this morning and had a flat out of nowhere. Took it down to the shop and got a new tire + brake system flush. So unfortunately I’m down $250. I am still interested though and if you guys will bear with me I can pay by Friday morning, 3/15 when I get my next check.

Thanks again guys.