WTB: Dual Modded TE-S or Qanba Q4RAF

I am looking for a basic Dual Modded TE-S or Qanba Q4RAF.
PM me with pics,your price shipped to zip code 96793 and more info, I have Paypal locked and loaded ready to go.

The raf’s will be in stock shortly from multiple vendors. You can buy one from play Asia for the same price you would buy from a us vendor.

Just an FYI.

I have a triple modded Chun Li TE-S. It’s in perfect condition. I’m OCD about my sticks. It is for 360/PS3/DC.

I’ll post some pics in a few hours.

Found one locally for $60 at a local swap meet! Got really lucky, got it thinking I’ll mod it later…went to change the ball top to bat top and found it was modded with ChimpSMD inside. :rock:

Mods can close this thread, Thanks!