WTB: Dual Shock 1 PCB (prewired)

Short and to the point:

I need a Dual Shock 1 PCB, already hacked, so I can just connect the wires (preferably with quick disconnects already on, but I can do that myself) to my buttons/stick and be good to go. I don’t care which series of Dual Shock 1 you use (A, H, whatever), as long as it IS a Dual Shock 1, and it works.

Also, I will need some sort of fast shipping (I need this before Evo), which I’ll pay for.

Name a reasonable price, and I can paypal you as early as Monday. PM me, reply here, or msg me on AIM (SN: Ryan aka Hunter).

Are you in South Florida?

Yes sir I am, Dade/Broward area. Occasionally in the Lee/Collier area as well.

Well so am I, if I have some free time next week, I’ll wire it for you, and we just exchange locally.

That would be great, msg me on AIM.

heh lol, what is your aim? pm me the details ;), or msg me under same name.