WTB Dual Shock 3 with ribbon pins (leo board compatible)



let me know!!!


Just the case? I have a few cases without the metal top panel… If you’re interested.


Markman. How much for one of those?


how much for it and what can i use to replace the panel?


also interested in an empty, top panel-less TE case :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a 360 TE shell with no main PCB or JLF (buttons are included)

EDIT: Just sold…sorry


still looking for the sticks






bump :frowning:


I believe Art Hong sells plexi panels for a replacement? tek-innovations.com


You’re trading a psp 1000 for a TE case only? I think I’ll go for that, let me look into shipping to puerto rico.


There is an empty TE shell being sold by someone at Mashharder if someone still wants one.


the only way im trading the psp is for a TE with buttons and stick. no pcb.

i put those things for alternate tradings : ps3 parts etc. sorry for the misunderstanding.




bump :frowning:




Markman, I tried PMing you but I can’t seem to get through, do you have any empty TE round 2 cases?


he doesnt answer :S lol