WTB - Empty Happ box

That’s right - I’m in the search for an empty, blank happ box… You know, it will contains happ competition stick, and competition pushbuttons…

Actually I would love to have a “clone” of one of those MAS super pro stick, regular size, regular template (6 straight buttons)

Please post pics if possible and price

I’m from Chile

Actually, I have a not-so-empty 2-player Happ Box for sale if you’re interested. $70 + shipping.

(I think it’s on page 2)

And what about the box without any part on it?

kabal i got an empty box with a happ comp stick and 6 happ comp convex buttons on it already if you are still looking for one. Ill try to get some pics of it if you are still interested.

Of course, I’m still interested. But actually I’m looking only for the box, without pushbuttons and joysticks on it. :smiley: Please try to post these pics

I was just puzzled as to why you didn’t want any parts at all. I’m not going to use the parts myself (as I really don’t use Happ stuff anymore…), but I guess I could go $50. Be aware that shipping from the United States gets expensive. Please post a City and Postal Code so that shipping can be estimated.

Because I already have these parts… :smiley:
Now, If you can low the price a little… I don’t know
My city is Valparaiso, CHILE - postal code = 6542309

UPS Worldwide Saver
Guaranteed By:
By End of Day
July 9, 2007
Billable Weight: 15.0 lbs.

July 5, 2007 265.71 USD*

Does this mean that for 265 USD your stick is mine?

kabal, thats a pretty ridiculous shipping price. You should go for something smaller.

Yes, I was thinking about that - my last post was ironic :S

Yeah, or get something local. That was only shipping. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes hehe thanks anyway, I really would love to have it.

that price is NUTS.

Nobody else has nothing to offer??

Urth I never saw your box…