WTB: Empty Te Case

As the title says

Offer please!!!

Finally, your Thread for Trading Outlet after all those Posts.

When do you need the TE Case by?
And what color?

yes lawls was posting a lot <<<<<<.

Not really in a rush to get one just to have one when ever i can do mod it for a friend of mine.
Really dont matter on what the color it is.

And hahah on jdm714 on catching on to me >.<

I would of post mine up for sale but I don’t have enough post to do that…:sad:

Yon702, if I were to buy a new TE, would you buy the Case for $65 from me?

mmm prob depending on the TE or TE R2 case

Whichever Case you want.
I will buy the appropriate TE.

Prob the R2 then and it would be a deal but before that idk if the R2 uses the same template or not for artwork

EVERY Tournament Edition uses the same Art Template.
The only one not is the TE S, which uses the Full Art Template.

Except for the Chun-Li TE S, which uses the Regular.

But can use the Bezel and Regular Art on all TE S using Full Art also.

TE with Regular Art can use Full Art also.
Just remove the Bezel.