WTB: Espgaluda II Black Label - 360

Looking for the region-free version of Espgaluda II Black Label for Xbox 360.

I’ve been wanting both of these so bad… GL on the search.

yeah thanks. I might just bite the bullet and get them from PlayAsia

i have an extra copy Mushihimesama Futari 1.5

what’s the cost shipped to 60622 (chicago, il)?

Mushi found thanks to Stier. Still looking for Espgaluda II Black

what… :stuck_out_tongue:

^ “I” before “E” eh? Sorry about that

Man, I didn’t know Espgaluda II came out.
Thank you mdsfx.

You are welcome. So now, if you find a place to get a reasonably cheap copy, you have to tell me!

Out of curiosity how much did you get Mushi 1.5 for?

it’s a secret :wink:

some info on Espgaluda II
the Limited Edition is region locked
the Standard Edition is region free

bump for an awesome game. I got esp II from play-asia on release date and got mushi 1.5 from a friend that visited Japan. Check shumps forum, that may help you out too.

yeah md I thought I saw one on shmups forum about 2 days ago. I preordered from ncsx and worth every penny. mushihime, I got from videogames new york on a business trip up there. GL with the search

Any reason you haven’t ordered from PA? I have a $5 coupon if you need it from my order. Just let me know.

Thanks for that. I appreciate it. I’m just trying to not give my wife a reason to kill me. Spending $80+ on one game would be a good reason.