WTB estimate on dual modding an existing stick!

I’ll probably have some money to do this next week, but I wanted an estimate on dual modding a stick for me. As in, I have a PS3 stick, and I want to pay someone to throw in a project box/dual mod/whatever you kids call it, so I can flick a switch and use it on either the PS3 or 360. I didn’t think I’d have to worry about this so soon, but I’m already realizing from my upcoming tournament that not being able to use my stick on either console is making things a little more difficult.

So as the title says, I’m just looking for a quote/estimate right now. So if any of you can do it, let me know what you would charge, and I’ll most likely hit you up next week! :wgrin:

Hi, I do this service, but I know you browse this forum a lot, so you probably know that already. If you are just looking for lower prices, ignore this post, otherwise, you know who to contact.

I’m pretty sure everyone looks for a balance of lower prices and good quality.

Not to thread hi-jack (like it matters for a service), but I’m in the area and would also be interested in a dual mod job.

More quote/estimate’s in here- less saying “you’re not going to get a job done for cheap”- please!

Lol yeah, the search function is gone but I found a similar thread browsing through the pages. Price isn’t a big deal, I’ll be willing to pay your $80 + shipping price. I didn’t expect much less anyways!! I already contacted the other person though about it, so we’ll see which one of you is free when I have the cash, and how the flow will work.

Do you have slots?? Or are not that many people requesting the service from you?? Do you need to see a picture of my box?? PM me or just reply with some info, thanks! :wonder:

wait, that’s not what I meant to say. I believe that dan’s student took my post as I intended. I just wanted to let him know, and also respect his looking for other options if he did already know.

PM sent, gamingnow. I want what the OP wants…Or something close to it.

I see. I would like pricing info as well. There isn’t a search function or any apparent /public posts saying how much people do this service for so it would be beneficial to everyone in need of this service to have prices/experience posted.

i believe he has his thread for hacking controllers and such in the tech talk section.

eh- looked through the joystick essentials and the other stickies, then the first 3 pages of topics in the tech talk- didn’t see anything.

It would be great if there was someone in Orange County/ San Diego/ places in between capable of doing the the job. I feel its a waste to have to pay $30-$40 in shipping.
PM me if you can or know someone who can in my area.

You might want to post up the kind of board inside your stick now. It makes a big difference in how hard it is to add another.

Right. There will be a cthulu in there before I send it off to be dual modded. :wgrin: