WTB: Evo 2007 Shirt & Lanyard


Just a question, can you get these brand new from somewhere?

If not I’m willing to buy Good condition evo2007 shirt + lanyard.

Shirt size preferably XL - XXL


How much?




anyone else got them?


id love to grab someones lanyard too if they are willing to give it up.


get in line bud :smiley:

i couldnt make it to evo bcuz i had some family shit… and i saw the evo shirts and theyre pretty pimp


are they? O_O ill get one of those too lol. After icon of course!


haha ive got like 3 evo shirts the ones with akuma on the back like 2 mediums and xl and an L also idk how i eneded up with so many my friends all left their swagbags in my car so i kept em haha


hmm are those from 07?? if u dont mind hookin me up with the pics??

im only interested in the XL and maybe the L


yea from the 07 with akuma in the back of em.also the landyard with the yaris and a bunch of bootbags. tho i love my AC milan bootbag so theres no way id replace it with an evo one haha


Why the hell do you need/want a lanyard? I already gave Arlieth my shirt, but if you really need a lanyard, I have at least this years. I have a stack of lanyards from various tournaments on the door to my deck I can look through if you want me to. =\


lols i dunno… i just want somethin from evo bcuz i couldnt go this year… and i dont want to wait for next year

i pmd you




I need a Large & Extra Large evo shirt, or other cool evo swag, please tell me how much. PM me.


Ugh? Hijack threads more




How much for a M or L Evo 2007 shirt?


^ I’m buying not selling o.o