WTB: EVO dvd's

Anyone selling his evo2k2/2k3/2k4/2k5 dvd’s?

I saw on the website of evo that their are still selling dvd’s of 2k4 but on the page of the 2k6 dvd their is an option of international shipping and for 2k4 their isn’t, so somebody know if they ship to Europe?

Are their also dvd’s of B3 & B5?

B3 I think was VHS. You can d/l a rip from Preppy’s site and he also has the B5 DVD .iso’s and rips on his site. Evo2k5 was released on torrent so you’ll have to check if they are still alive (which they probably aren’t) but you can get that from anyone. I doubt they are still selling Evo2k2/2k3/2k4 so you’ll just have to wait for an offer.

thanks i found the B3 vhs and B5 dvd
as for evo2k4: http://www.evo2k.com/2005/dvd/ were the 2003/2004 is sold out and 2004 still availible
as you can see there isn’t anything about international shipping as on the evo2k6 site

I guess you can e-mail CustomFlix and ask if they will ship internationally. You might want to first ask if they even have any more Evo DVDs in stock because it seems like they don’t. I believe EVO used a different method of distributing DVDs this year rather than using CustomFlix as they had years before (which wasn’t too reliable) that may account for there being a different way of shipping items this year.