WTB: EVO/ECT staff shirt, Divekick shirt, SNES/N64 stuff WTS/WTT: MvC 2 TE, Duelstrike PCB


I’ll update with more stuff in the future. Just getting the thread started.

For Sale/Trade:

MvC2 TE in box signed by FChamp and Dacidbro - $140 + shipping

Xbox 360 games: Price includes shipped

Halo 3 - $10
Marvel vs Capcom 3 - $10
Street Fighter IV - $10

Arcadeforge Duelstrike modding kit with piggyback cable - $60 shipped


Divekick Team Dive shirt (med/lrg)
ECT Staff shirt (med/lrg)
Evolution 2011 Staff shirt (the red one, med/lrg)

N64 games:

MK Legacy: Sub Zero
Let me know what you have

SNES games:

Megaman X2 and X3
Any Final Fantasy
Let me know what you have

SNES controllers
SNES arcade sticks
N64 controllers


I have Killer Instinct Gold and Glover for N64, both cart only. $20 shipped for Killer Instinct Gold, $7 shipped for Glover.


i wore my ref shirt just the other day.


There weren’t very many staff pink ECT4 shirts and I grabbed one of the last 2 mediums that were in the box. I’m just throwing this out there as a heads up considering some staff had to use the yellow ECT4 shirts. Good luck on seeing if anyone will part with it though.


Yeah I figured as much but it doesn’t hurt to ask eh?


Updated wants/haves


Um pics for the mvc2 stick?


I’ll post pics for the MvC stick soon.