WTB Evo Stick Sack or Similar


hey as title saids im looking for an Evo stick sack idm if its used as long as it doesnt appear to be used as for price im willing to pay more then it was originally (20$ i believe)

ALSO im willing to buy other sacks that will also hold a TE stick in it im really just looking for something to carry my TE it if you can provide a pic to prove to me that it can hold a TE in it then by all means ill consider it


Have you considered going to the Electonics store and looking for a 17in neoprene slip case? I think it would fit a TE and less prone to scratch it. I’ve seen a Targus one for $30.


just looked it up and it looks a bit to small i think the stick would be poking out and im really looking for something with a shoulder strap i think i found a solution