Wtb: EVO2011 panel

I’m looking for the panel madcatz was selling at EVO this year…

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i wanna see a picture of one

They look pretty cool. They said they were going to sell them online as well at their site. They haven’t posted em up yet, but they have posted the bags already. Here’s a vid that shows them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYLgFsCGL4Q&feature=player_embedded

Here’s a pic of my brother’s stick with the EVO panel

thanks that looks pretty cool actually hopefully they go up online

Looks kinda meh imo…o_O
I bet they sold out pretty fast though! :smiley:

Do you need the plexi for that? Also, the video that I watched had the Madcatz rep saying they were going online. What happened? ):

The grey areas are etchings, the beast symbol is the printed art underneath the plexi.

Sold out first day.

It comes with.

gonna still sell it online?

I still want one…

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I’m pretty sure they won’t be selling this online. It was an EVO exclusive product.

can u guys stop trolling my thread please… thanks…