WTB: Evolution 2004/2006 DVDs

EVO 2004

I lended this to someone and got i back all scratched up and 1 disc is missing (MvC2). If anyone got a whole set let me know.

EVO 2006

Due to a lack of care from my part, i’ve lost my 2006 set. If anyone has a spare one or wants to sell his/her hit me up. I’ll take both discs, 2D and 3D since i lost both.

Note that i live in Mexico and i’ll pay for shipping too, insured and trackable is a must, so post if you are willing to sell.


I have evo2k4 that im willing to part with.

How much for it? What’s the state of the discs?

discs are in perfect condition and im willing to part with it for 30$ + shipping.

i have an evo 2k6 dvd disc 2, unopened. the case was a little squashed on the spine tho, but the disc should still be fine. if you want it, name your price

Vietexan: PM sent.
SaBrE: See you on IRC. :stuck_out_tongue:

lemme know asap bud. sooner the better. i really only have time to ship out on saturdays, via usps, due to my work schedule during the week =(

Thank you all for you offers.

I have found someone in Mexico that has them and is willing to sell them to me for a fair price the whole sets.

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