WTB: EX2/FS3/DOA4/other slim shells, Namco stick



I’ve got a prewired PS1 PCB looking for a home, and I thought I’d try building a smaller/more portable stick. I’m hoping for 20-ish shipped for an empty case. I can’t really afford much more than that, especially since I could just instead buy a brand new fighting stick 3 for 40 dollars.

I also want to get my hands on a namco stick. Those things are awesome. I’ll pay 40ish for one. =)


pm sent


Right now is a bad time to be looking for a Namco. They go for about 60-70$ right now easily. You should be able to find someone willing too give up an empty DOA4/EX2 case for 30ish though.

Just remember that it’s a bit of work getting those cases modded, and they won’t fit some sticks (namely the JLF).