WTB: Exaprize PS3 stick [Sanwa edition]

I’m looking to buy an Exaprize PS3 stick [Sanwa edition]. If you’re looking to sell, please send me pictures and price. Thanks!

Looking for good to like new condition.


hi, an srk article came out recently announcing some new sanwa products. they were housed in a exaprize case which may or may not be reissued by sanwa (it had their branding in the photos). it might be something worth waiting for if you can’t find a buyer. good luck!

Is this variant close enough for you sir?


Same manufacturer as the stick you’re looking for (Exar). Anyways the seller is a very reputable shop from whom I have purchased from several times :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a plain enclosure.

If Exaprize a PS4 stick then I will be all over it.


ps3/4 compatible. I guess you can always change the art if you don’t like it.