Hit me up what Final Fantasy games you got ill buy it for only ps1 and ps2 with black seals only

There are some for sale here:

I have FF3 (US SNES FF6) in the box. It’s in OK condition and has the manual. What would you buy it for?

Sorry Im looking for Ps2 FF or for the ps1.

Then please change your first post.

It says you’ll buy them all.

Whoops alright.

I have ff7 black label

Alright send me pics yourprotecter707@aol.com

sent you a PM(conversation)

just sent the pics

How much for the ff7 black label

I’m looking for 55 shipped. 50 for the game 5 for the small usps flat rate box.

I have FFVII, FFVIII, and Final Fantasy Tactics discs but no cases (may have the manuals - I’ll have to check). I stored them in those CD sleeve cases.

Let me know.

Let me check my stash.

I have the FFIV/Chrono Trigger dual set for PS1 in NM condition. Let me know if you are interested.