WTB: Fight Stick for $25 or less for PC, PS2, PS3


I’m on a very tight budget, and am trying to get my little cousin, niece and nephew into fighting games. I’m currently searching for some cheap arcade sticks for under $25. I am also interested in bundles (I.E. 2x arcade sticks for a price.) Thank you.


You can forget about getting Hori or Mad Catz joysticks at those prices…
I DIDN’T like their budget joysticks but they’re generally rated better than off-brands and at least Mad Catz’s SE/Brawl/TvC joysticks are easily upgradeable with arcade parts.

A couple of years ago, you COULD get a Hori Fighting Stick or Mad Catz SE for less than $30 – some times at the below-$20 level, but not today.

Hori does sell a mini-stick Fighting Stick Mini) that’s smaller than the regular Fighting Stick but again, it’s $40.
That’s probably better for small children than the Fighting Stick or Mad Catz SE/TE or HRAP’s.
The Fighting Stick Mini is also available only for PS3… Should work with most PC’s as PS3 HRAP’s generally do.

IF you can even find budget joysticks for under-$25 – usually from very obscure manufacturers based in mainland China or Taiwan --, they’re almost guaranteed to break well within a year.

Your best deals will be online unless you get very lucky and find something on Trading Outlet here or online auction sites.


Ah, I see. Thank you for the help–i’m new to Shoryuken and I figured maybe I could find some help here or find some really good deals. Yeah–I was looking online…$250 is wayyy out of my ballpark right now. I’m on that Ramen noodle grind for a good while LOL!! I wanted to get my nephew a beginner fight stick since hes interested in fighters; watching UMvC3 tournaments online.


On amazon you can find a few at a $35-$40 price range, like the madcatz brawlstick which is at $38.97, the mayflash universal arcade stick is at $34.99 and the hori fightstick mini is at $39.99, those are the best prices you can get for fightsticks at the moment, unless you want to make one of your own using a shoe box and some cheap buttons, cables, etc.


Hard large tupperware container frankenstick.
There are several DIY guides out there to make one out of nearly anything.
Old speaker box, cardboard box,a table etc.

Your only real overhead at that point is the PCB and stick+buttons.
Those can be had cheaply if you know where to look for a broken controller.


http://www.ebay.com/itm/Madcatz-Brawler-Stick-Arcade-Stick-PS3-Works-for-pcs-/251437201906?pt=US_Video_Game_Controllers&hash=item3a8ad339f2 you can try to bid on this, although the shipping is alot =(


Out of curiosity, does anyone know if it is possible to build an arcade stick without soldering? I have no clue or any previous knowledge on how to solder.


Yes it’s possible to build a joystick without soldering. You aren’t reasonably going to build a joystick for less than the cost of buying a commercial product, especially anything decent.


The cheapest solderless PS3/PC option I’m aware of is the MC Cthulhu, which is $35 by itself, and requires soldering (unless you buy another piece that will cost ~$15 shipped) and additional components if you want to play PS2 as well.


Oh man! Tch…since I now only have $50, I might as well just get something used for the time being. I was looking at this ASCII Playstation 1 Arcade Fightstick on ebay…I was thinking I’d get this and use a PS2 to PS3 converter (One of those generic brand converters; I have a couple laying around the house.) Has anyone ever here had this product and used it on their PS3 that way for fighting games?


Check this PCB out, $20 free shipping, solderless. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zero-Delay-USB-Encoder-PS2-PS3-PC-to-Joystick-for-Arcade-Game-Controls-2pin-/171018138307?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27d179b2c3 The seller is away right now, but check his store you can find kits for Sanwa parts or I think the one I linked is for Happ style sticks. I’ve been wanting to get a couple of these to try them out. Also for the parts http://focusattack.com/ is a great place to buy from. They have frequent sales and fast shipping.


^ That’s a better low cost option, although you’d still need to consider the cost of a stick, buttons, and whatever tools you’d need to make or modify a box to suit your needs.


Just get one of these http://www.amazon.com/PlayStation-WWE-Stars-Brawl-Stick-3/dp/B004M25NNQ/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1391732301&sr=8-8&keywords=fightstick

It will save you the trouble of regretting buying something that sucks, the ps1 fight sticks kinda suck compared to the modern fight sticks, and that brawl stick is very good, and you can customize the joystick and buttons with most Japanese parts.


Got to agree there, the brawl stick is probably your best bet. Inexpensive, decent, and very easy to modify with better parts later.


Ill be doing some more research on how to swap buttons and all that jazz. I was looking at a couple youtube videos and they seem pretty cool, button swapping and stuff. I used to have the street fighter IV stick, but the buttons stopped working when i used them. I thought it was because the thing was broke lol.

By the way…this might sound dumb…but what is the proper way to wrap cords that don’t have carrying compartments for storage? I’d like to learn so I can avoid shorts in my cords (Threw the other stick away, due to a short in the cord.)


I fold them into a bundle, then put a rubber band or twist tie around the center.


Cool. Ill try doing that.