WTB > fighting game posters

just need some decoration for my room. need some cool posters that defines what i do. fighting games!

I have this poster to sell: http://www.cammyfan.com/Cammy-fan/contest-prizes/snk-vs-capcom.jpg

It’s a high quality, movie poster size, genuine print. Runs for about 80 online as far as I can tell. PM me.

EIGHTY!?!? thats vintage! do posters nowadays cost that much? guess i should put my price range. $10-25

i could get you the cammy or chun li udon door posters from a comic store i know, but that would be at the top of your price range with shipping. you could check ebay for posters as well.



Samurai Shodown scroll, I can do $15. :slight_smile: Never really used it. XD

Dang. I never thought of decorating my room with fighting game posters. That’s genius! Hope you get some nice decorations. Best of luck! (and I guess free bump)

yeah. its not just gonne be like a thumb tack poster tho. im gonna get em framed. maybe try to get a UMVC3 poster/SF, go to evo and have players sign em. then frame em.