WTB: Fightstick under $100 (MC Fightstick Pro preferred)

I’ve built several sticks in the past, but I’m being lazy this time around.

If anyone has a fightstick (Madcatz preferrably, and if it’s a Fightstick Pro even better) PM me some pics and we can talk business.

This is going to be used primarily on PC, so as long as it has sanwa parts and isn’t in too rough of a shape, I’m interested.


I have a vshg for sale.

I’m planning on buying a new stick with my next paycheck, I have a 2008 mc se, the cable is pretty damaged but I figure you’re gonna toss that anyway, I’ll give it to you for $30 but shipping depends

A MadCatz SE like this?

If it’s only the USB that’s messed up you should add something along the lines of a Neutrik:

Definitely don’t trash it!

yeah exactly like that, except mine looks like shit

Thanks for all the replies, but I found what I needed!

Here’s a thread I made a while back asking about Neutrik adapters:


Personally, I’d check out an adapter like this:

You can get them dirt cheap on eBay (probably around $1 if you buy from China) and the female end would mount nicely with the provided screw holes. Just gotta cut a square hole to fit the boxed USB end.

If you haven’t sold that Madcatz SE by the time I get back to work I’ll get it off you.

dont worry, im still exploring my shipping option

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