WTB: Fightstick Xbox 360

I am new the to the community and I am interested in buying a fightstick that is for Xbox 360.
Depending on what it is depends on the price Please make offers. I would prefer to spend around 40-70 but I can stretch a little bit. If I could check out through amazon (because I have a gift card) I would offer $150+

pm sent

That’s not going to happen. Just the dual mod alone on a stick costs 40 bucks.
Most dual mod sticks go for 150+

changed the title it seems dual mod is too expensive

All depends on how much time and money your willing to invest in this hobby. If you are just a casual player and are slowly making the transition to a stick from a paddle. I would recommend the low end Hori EX2, which almost every toys r’ us sells for 40-50 dollars. I used this for a year before I bit the bullet 3 years ago and upgraded to a TE. Now I’ve owned about 3 TE’s and I could never go back to any other stick.

i got a fight stick se that’s for xbox 60 shipped. selling it for my friend. easily moddable to be multi system supported with a te kitty or chimp.

I’ve got a Mad Catz SE stick brand new in the box I will sell you for $50 plus shipping. I can send pictures. Thanks!

Dread - thank you

newgen- I think I will pass Daffy has a better deal

Daffy - by brand new you mean NIB? I would like pictures.

Jeremy send me your email address and ill send you pics. Its new in the box. It had the pack in street fighter 4 game. I opened it only to take the game out and the stick has been sitting in my closet since. Never unwrapped or used. I was going to pull out the pcb for a mod or replace the stick and buttons but never got around to it.