Wtb Final Fantasy Viii (doesnt Mat

doesnt matter if its greatist hits or not. someone stole my disc 3 and i wanna play :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know if you saw this or not, but one of the recent topics was selling it on ebay.

thanks sir. watching it right now.

SHHH!!! Whats wrong with you people :annoy:

bump :X

I have both FFVII greatest hits as well as original black label. Only used the greatest hits version 1 disc. Disk 2 and 3 have never even been used yet. Don’t know if you wanna buy or trade for it. Disc 1 is in decent playing condition and disc 2 and 3 are absolute mint, including the booklet and ps2 magazine subscription card.

i actually said viii, not vii :x

I have VIII as well original black label version, just used the first disc of that and 2 and 3 havent been used.

FF VIII is a 4 disc set not 3 :rolleyes:

Indeed I have all 4 disc and booklet, if you don’t win the ebay auction I can post some pics of it tomorrow if you want.

the ebay auction is way over, sir.

I’ll upload some pics tomorrow, but would you want to trade for it or use paypal? That was an insanely cheap price for both those games. FFVII usual goes for $50 easy and VIII is around $35, I’m surprised he got so little for it.