WTB: First run pink meshballs

Hey, I’ve seen pictures of these around- they’re meshballs, that are pink. The first run were dark and looked amazing with red buttons, but no one has them in stock anymore. (understandable.)

Because they don’t make a red bubbletop, I’m figuring this is my best choice for pimping my finished stick.


I can’t remember who sent me this picture, but it’s the meshball on the bottom right.

dang… I only have the one on the bottom left. The pink one with the silver mesh. :frowning:

Haha, that’s actually my pic, and my horribly abused Agetec. Good luck in your hunt for one, it took me a bit to track mine down.

Thanks, Bakageta. I remember it was you now because of the poring avatar.

C’mon, someone has to have one of these.


I have one. How much are you offering