WTB [FOUND]: cps2->cps1 kick harness adapter (mods please close)

Edit: only need cps2->cps1 adapter now. hook me up!

keith sweat: noboooooody?

Try contacting Devil Soundwave from Arcadeotaku.com, he might be able to help you. He makes kick harness and adapter for all arcade related stuff, nice guy too. i got my kick harness from him, so i can recommend him.
here is the link

just PMed him, thanks for the tip!

he said he might have the parts and to follow up with him the next day, which I did but I haven’t heard from him in a while now. Hopefully I’ll hear back, but untill then…still looking guys! Check the update, only need a cps2->cps1 kick harness adapter now.

I got the male cps2 side, so if nobody has an adapter even a cps1 kick harness would do and I can make one myself.

The ONE site that has this has these, the cart is down for now… Anyone know another site besides jamaboards.com that has these? So many arcade parts shops I’m surprised that was all I coudl find in searching…


Never bought from them, though.