Hey all,

I’m looking for a gently used HRAP EX-SE or other stick for the X360 to play my STGs on.

I’ve been playing with my MAS but I want something smaller to put on my lap. Let me know what you’ve got!

A seller on Amazon is selling a HRAP EX modded with a bubble top and sanwa buttons for $99.00 plus $3.99 for shipping.

Good luck with the search!

I would recommend a seimitsu stick over sanwa for STGs. More specifically, try out the LS-58!

Definitely mdsfx! That’s why I’m searching for the EX-SE. Can’t beat the feel of those seimitsus.

I misread the post above mine. Thought he was referring to something with a Sanwa joystick, not buttons. I wouldn’t limit yourself to the EX-SE, unless you specifically like that design. You could buy any stick want, swap out the JLF for the Seimitsu of your choice, then sell the JLF to make up most of the cost. I’ve done it a handful of times now and the LS-58s that you can buy on focus attack are an easy swap for a JLF on just about any arcade stick.

There’s a good chance I’m telling you what you already know, but just in case…

Yeah. I really like the size and the button layout and getting my hands on an SE would avoid the swapping out. My favorite layout for STGs is definitely my Saturn Virtua Stick, fat chance of seeing that layout ever again though.

That being said, I wouldn’t turn down a relatively inexpensive HRAP EX :wink:

Hey guys, looking for any Hori 360 stick you have for sale. The cheaper the better! I will most likely be modding it with Seimitsus anyway.

There was someone selling a hori SCV stick for around $70. Great price I must say!

I sent a PM

Found it! Thanks to all.

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