WTB: Franken Fightpad


Hey Guys

Anyone looking to sell a Franken Fightpad? I.e. of those hybrid stick / pad creations [RIGHT]rtdzign[/RIGHT] was making for a while.

Please shoot me a PM if so.



Those things are custom made. Will be hard to find someone that wants to sell theirs. You might have to go to the creator for one and I’m not sure if he’s still making them. Can’t remember his name, but I know he frequents these forums so do a search for him.


Here you go. Shits aren’t cheap though.


Yep, already reached out to him. He’s not doing them right now.



Bump! I’m really holding out hope for one based on the Saturn pad.



You should try a hitbox, its pretty much the same thing you want, and its more confortable. You can get it from the link below, but people on this site sell them cheaper.


I’ve thought about a hitbox…and they’re pretty tempting, but I was born and raised on pads! I don’t think I could get used to a hitbox…



I’ve had my eyes on these for a very long time. Let me see if he is willing to take any business for one.


I was thinking about building frankenpads since rtdzign had stopped making any more. After I get back from Evo, I can look into sourcing the parts to make them. One difference I’d be doing is having the mutli-console pcb inside the frankenpad instead of in an external box.


I can also confirm that as of 2 months ago, RTDesigns had no interest in doing Franken Pads for next gen. :frowning:

I have one that he made for PS3–it’s great!

Does anyone know who is serious about taking up the mantle?


B15 is


I want one too… i need to send him a message ASAP.


This is my Franken pad-> https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-HmtsgqT_GbY/V5lxtABRJ3I/AAAAAAAAAj8/aptVIQJWNYEonphgfwHi0EsFMDHSSN6rACL0B/w1015-h577-no/sega-saturn-alpha-stick.jpg


Stop bumping old threads.


Just trying to get them hybrids back from R.I.P. lol


I will post this on a new thread to see if get people to join The hybrid movement. The best movement.