WTB: full sanwa stick

just like the title says. just give me a price and i prefer wiring for ps1 or 360.

btw im not looking to spend some crazy $200 for a sanwa stick… fuck that


i know how to read stickies. i didnt say i wanted a custom stick; any sanwa stick will work.

Check your PMs.

I’m interested in a full sanwa stick too.

I got a agetec modded with Sanwa Buttons and a JLF sanwa stick. Has a SF Anniversary Playstation and Xbox PCB. 120.00 shipped.

I can post pics if anyone is interested.

i believe i found one. rockcho are you working on that stick already?


I am also interested in the same, if anyone would like to PM me.

i have a t5 stick thats modded with Sanwa Buttons and a JLF sanwa stick. the tekken art has been spray painted black and the start and select buttons have been lowered. its in perfect working condition and i still have the box it came in. looking for about 150 shipped plus i’ll throw in a ps2 to usb converter. anyone interested drop me a pm and i’ll send you pics