WTB: Gamecube PCBs

PCB from gamecube joystick (like the hori soul calibur stick), or hori digital pad.

I want to make a converter box for my multi system stick, but don’t have a GC PCB. I should have held onto the one from the soul calibur stick I sold a while back :slight_smile:

Let me know if anyone has any.


I have a prehacked one with QDs.

I guess 25 shipped? Lemme know.

I was just about to message you actually. I saw a post from you while I was searching the forums. I’ll think about it over the weekend. Shame you already put the QDs on it, I want to stick it in a project box for my modded agetec.

You could just clip the QDs off. Then you’d have a prehacked PCB without QDs.

so you wanna buy it?