WTB: Gameshark Gamesaves for GC OR GC memory card w/ WInd Waker save

Sup guys, I’m looking for something oddly specific but bear with me.

Firstly, I’d be willing to pay up to $15 bucks for a GameShark GameSaves for the GameCube. This is the thing which lets you transfer GC save data from your PC to a GC memory card. This would be ideal, since I could use it for other stuff too.

Second, if I can’t find that, I’d be willing to buy YOUR GC memory card that has Wind Waker saved data right after the stupid fetch quest toward the end, involving getting the maps, paying ghey-ass Tingle to chart the map (no offense to any gay gamers out there), and getting all the Triforce pieces. I’d stongly prefer if your green-tunic-wearing hero is named Link, not LINK or JEFF or BUTTFACE. :lol:

Long story short: I LOVE Zelda games, and to date WW is the only console Zelda I have not beaten because TWICE now, I have completed that Heaven-forsaken fetch quest only to either lose my memory card or have the data corrupt. I love Zelda but I cannot bear the thought of ever doing that a third time. :crybaby:

Help a brotha OUT! :bgrin:

weird request but pm sent. :lol:

Replied good sir.

i’ve got one of the Gameshark Gamesaves for GC, still in box. let me know if mcginnis does not hook you up.

Sweet, I was looking at one on eBay but I’ll shoot you a PM tomorrow if I don’t win. It ends in exactly 24 hours :slight_smile:

Update bump: I didn’t win the Gamesave on eBay, but I have PM’d plik for his. Will update if I do get it.

Payment sent to Plik. Thanks for everyone’s offers!