WTB: Garbage buttons & sticks from anything, any color, any type

Hey guys, yeah, as the topic title says, I’m looking complete garbage sticks from any source for a little test project I’m working on, but it requires a stick, but not for actual play (so they can be broken for all I care) as it’s for layout testing and also some other silly things. They can be from any previously terrible stick you modded, or anything of such nature.

Since I’m pretty much looking for low quality garbage I’m hoping to pay only a couple bucks for a set of buttons and a stick, whatever you think is fair I suppose, but I’m rather not go over the $15 threshold (with this including shipping). Please feel free to PM me or tell me if this is unreasonable in any way.


Don’t need buttons anymore just a stick now.

I got (7) Sega Virtua HSS-0136 stock buttons. (6 green and 1 pink)


EDIT: Virtua buttons sold to Kooper, thanks I’ll ship them out to you today! :smiley:

I have a crap load of sfac buttons. And stick parts just no springs and I have no idea how they assemble.

Buttons have been taking care of but I’ll need a stick that’s assembled as I’d have no idea how to put it together lol.

Plus I’d actually like the stick to somewhat function if possible.

I’ve got joysticks from SFAC sticks i’ve gutted, all complete and functional. They’re the bao lin clones of the happ sticks if you’re interested