WTB: GP2X f200 tv out cable or cradle

I know this isn’t really SRK’s speciality but I thought I’d post this here just in case.

I’m looking for the TV out cable or cradle for a gp2x f200. I’m not 100% sure but I think the cable/cradle from the f100 works also (correct me if I’m wrong). I’ll pay pretty much any reasonable asking price.

I am pretty sure I have the dock. It has 4 usb ports for 4 player action, but I dont know who would do that with a handheld lol. I hear this dock is pretty rare? I have no idea what its worth, so I will have to do some research. I definitely don’t need to hook the system to my tv so I really don’t need it. But again, I’ll have to do some research…

Colour me interested mate. Lemme know how much you want for it.

Just to be sure… is this what you are looking for?

Yes exactly that