WTB: Green or White Sanwa Buttons; Black or White Bat Top with adapter



-Paypal only
-Please name your price with shipping included
-Meetups can be done in Maryland depending on location


–6 Green or white Sanwa 30mm buttons for use in ps3 TE stick

–1 Black or White Sanwa bat top with the adapter for use in ps3 TE stick

I’m looking for a deal here and if i can buy as a package from someone that’d make my life absolutely terrific

Thanks for lookin!


I have both a black and a white bat top with adapter that I would be willing to sell. I also have 8 green 30mm buttons originally from a HRAP1. I can’t tell the difference between the quality, I swapped them out solely because I wanted a different color layout. Let me know if you’re interested in the buttons and we can talk price.


pmed you in response


I’m still looking for these!


we have it at cipher12.com