WTB hacked 360 pad and a used copy of sf4 for 360

Just as the title says. A prewired xbox 360 pcb (not wireless) and a good working copy of sf4.

does it have a common ground? can i have a pic?
and how much

Qancer, this is a “Want to Buy” thread. Not a “Want to Sell.”

Jester, I can’t say anything about an Xbox 360 copy of Street Fighter IV, but if you’re looking for a pre-wired Xbox 360 pad, hit up TingBoy. He does some seriously quality work.

This made me lol hard

lol sorry i missed read
Kooper you are a jerk lol

i can mod pcbs though. was just curious how much it would go for if its worth the effort or not
good luck finding one though!

Should have more 360 PCBs. Will have to check with a friend but check out my thread if interested.